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Jon is an integral part of the team at drink-mix-artist.com, an online hub that boasts a wide array of cocktail recipes and tricks of the trade for mixing drinks. As an alumnus of the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Science, he has spent over two decades cultivating his passion for food and drinks while exploring different diets and exercise regimens.

Jon is currently reaping the benefits of MacroFactor for dietary guidance.

Driven by his love for good food, cherished family moments, and the pleasure of a well-made drink, Jon crafts recipes that share his wisdom and enable others to create the perfect beverage. Years of experimentation and research have sharpened his skills in mixology, and he ensures his recipes are both easy to locate and straightforward to execute.

As the sole proprietor and writer of drink-mix-artist.com, Jon is committed to providing top-notch content that mirrors his deep-rooted knowledge and passion for mixology. He invites guest bloggers and is open to potential collaborations, understanding the essence of teamwork in this field.

Jon’s recipes are innovative and user-friendly, catering to beginners and seasoned mixologists alike. His unwavering commitment to delivering trustworthy and enjoyable content has garnered him a faithful readership. Each recipe is a testament to his deep affection for mixology.

Through his work at drink-mix-artist.com, Jon hopes to continue to inspire and educate people on the art of mixology, creating unforgettable experiences one cocktail at a time. If you would like to contact Jon, please see our contact page