As a coffee enthusiast, I’m constantly on the hunt for new coffee shops to explore. Grounded Coffee Shop in Alexandria, VA, has rapidly risen to the top of my list of favorites. Every week my daughter and I visit this charming spot, where she savors their mouthwatering pastries, and I satisfy my caffeine cravings with a scrumptious latte or cappuccino.

Grounded coffee
Grounded coffee

What I order at Grounded Coffee Shop

I typically opt for a large black coffee while my daughter enjoys the pastries.

The best coffee in Alexandria VA is at Grounded Coffee

If you’re after a robust, fruit-infused coffee experience, Ethiopian coffee is a must-try at Grounded Coffee Shop. As my regular choice when I’m in the quest for the finest coffee in Virginia or Washington DC, its robust and fruity flavors truly deliver.

Although their Colombian coffee offerings are delightful, they resemble other Ethiopian blends I’ve enjoyed elsewhere.

Tucked away on Telegraph Road, Grounded Coffee Shop is a treasured find within the city. Their doors are open daily from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM, making it the ideal spot for breakfast, a lunchtime treat, or an afternoon boost. The shop emanates a warm ambiance with plush seating, abundant natural lighting, and a genial atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home.

Coffee, Pastries, meals, and menu

The array of coffee beverages available at Grounded Coffee Shop is expansive, spanning from the intensity of espressos to the subtlety of pour-overs and everything that lies between. But what truly distinguishes this establishment is its in-house pastry maestro, Sebastien. Hailing from France, Sebastien masterfully bakes a medley of world-class pastries that are as delectable as they are aesthetically pleasing. He treats patrons to an exceptional daily selection of croissants, ranging from the timeless butter variety to the sinfully indulgent chocolate-filled ones.

From the moment you cross the threshold of the shop, you’re enveloped by the tantalizing scent of fresh coffee brewed from top-tier beans that are meticulously selected and roasted. Their skilled baristas pour their expertise into each cup, ensuring every sip is a testament to their dedication to delivering a gratifying and flavorful experience.

croissant on a platter at grounded coffee
croissant on a platter at grounded coffee

Staff and service

What truly makes Grounded Coffee Shop stand out, though, is its delightful ambiance, hospitable staff, and its prime location that comes with ample parking. Patrons can’t stop praising the snug setting and the exemplary coffee, often declaring it their preferred neighborhood coffee hub. With a commendable Google rating of 4.6, derived from over 700 reviews, there’s no doubt that Grounded Coffee Shop has carved a niche in the hearts of residents and out-of-town visitors.

Social media reviews and opinions

Valarie Carty, a vocal advocate for the coffee shop, describes it as her sanctuary. Bryon A. Henderson holds it in high regard as his top local coffee haunt, praising the best iced coffee and its snug environment. Kari Ann commends skillful baristas and scrumptious pastries, while Jacqueline Wood endorses it as an ideal breakfast spot with the finest iced coffee.

Additional patrons like Stacy Sanchez and Lyn Michele express their love for the mouth-watering pastries, extensive tea variety, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Bonnie Henry finds it a suitable play area for kids and admires the cozy ambiance, superior coffee, and live music. Soo Wilson, another fan, is all praise for the terrific ambiance, outstanding baked goods, and freshly made smoothies.

You can read other reviews on their page

Bacon and cheese rolls Grounded coffee
Bacon and cheese rolls

What sets this coffee shop apart

The endearing, homey ambiance distinguishes Grounded Coffee Shop from its nearby competitors. You’re enveloped by a hospitable environment bathed in soft, inviting lights, snug seating, and delightful decor as you enter. Artworks and photographs grace the walls, contributing to the friendly feel of the place. Even a large, cuddly teddy bear perched on a rocking chair near the entrance never fails to attract smiles from children and adults.

The interior design balances rustic charm and contemporary chic, boasting exposed brick walls, timber furniture, and up-to-date lighting fixtures. It’s the perfect sanctuary for a breather for social gatherings or solo work sessions on your laptop. The tranquil atmosphere creates an escape from the constant flurry of daily life, allowing patrons to savor the present.

Apple turnover at grounded coffee
Turnover pastries at Grounded cafe in Alexandria VA

The Grounded Coffee Shop team is warm and responsive, always willing to answer queries or suggest favorites from the menu. Its strategic location and generous parking space offer an ideal pit stop for a swift coffee or pastry grab during your morning commute or running errands.

In conclusion, Grounded Coffee Shop is an essential destination for those seeking an exceptional coffee shop experience in Alexandria, VA. With a French pastry chef at the helm, exquisite pastries, tasteful decor, a welcoming team, and superior coffee, it’s truly a hidden treasure. Drop by for a steaming mug of coffee or tea, treat yourself to a scrumptious pastry and soak in the snug ambiance. Be you a resident or a tourist, Grounded Coffee Shop assures a homey experience for everyone.

indoor design at Grounded
indoor design at Grounded